Chinese Jute

Chinese Jute
ABUTILON (or Chinese Jute)
This fibre is strong, white and glossy and yielded by the Abutilon avicennae, a weed that grows extensively in America. It is known as Chinese jute, but is not a jute variety at all, being the Indian Mallow. The plant produces about 20 per cent of fibre (see Indian Mallow Hemp), used to be called American Jute. Other varieties of the Abutilon species are: - Abutilon incanum - A very durable fibre is obtained from this Mexican variety, which is used for making nets, ropes and hammocks. Abutilon indicum, Abutilon graveoleus, Abutilon muticum, Abutilon polyandrum - East Indian varieties, and used for cordage. Abutilon periplocifolium - Grows in the tropical parts of America, giving a very good fibre, long and of a creamy colour. ————————
White, lustrous, fairly strong fibre, yielded by the Indian Mallow. It is not a jute variety, but a species of Abutilon It is superior to jute. Also known as Chingma or Tientsin jute.

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